G1G Podcast Episode 3

Matt, Lance, and David relive their adventures at A-Kon in Dallas, their favorite characters in Game of Thrones, and their thoughts on the upcoming E3.

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  1. Paul Marchbanks June 7, 2013 9:18 am  Reply

    Good stuff! I love that you guys are keeping up with Double Fine, “The Cave” was one of the only reasons I’ve enjoyed my Wii U so far besides the one Mario they’ve released. Also the leaked photo of the game line up you discussed is actually looking like it’s legit, which could give us some insight into next week! Can’t wait! Also, along the same lines it looks like Respawn’s new game leaked! “Titanfall” will be one of the Xbox One’s exclusive IP’s…pretty exciting.

    And good stuff on the topic of the Superman movie, looks like a great picture and anything Christopher Nolan has anything to do with I want to see, but overall Superman is a very overpowered superhero, they gave him too much power to make sense. And you’ll develop a new hatred for Superman if you play “Injustice” at all, especially online (long range non stop laser eyes FTW!!!) Good stuff guys keep it up.

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